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Counselor-jobs.com was founded on making meaningful connections between Counselors seeking jobs and employers in the clinical field.  What started as a way to help small businesses find great candidates, has grown into a leading online employment marketplace helping Employers find great counselors and great counselors find great places to work.

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Our goal

At Counselor-jobs.com, our goal is building and becoming one of the largest and best career sites in the world and to help you find the Professional clinicians and jobs you always hoped for.

For Employers

At counselor-jobs.com, we understand the importance of employee happiness to your organization. Higher levels of employee engagement lead to greater productivity. Personnel who feel valued are motivated to make real, tangible contributions to the company.

Let us help you find temporary, part-time or full-time counselors who fit your company.  We target the most qualified candidates to apply when a job goes live in our database. The result? More quality clinicians and reduced hiring times.

For Job Seekers

We foster a collaborative workplace that strives to create the best experience for clinicians seeking employment.

We empower counselors with the tools they need to stand out and get hired.  We make it easier to find work.  If you’re searching for a new job, or just feeling less engaged with your role than you’d like to be, let us assist you in locating a career opportunity where you can fit and thrive.

For Interns

We know you worked hard to get your degree and now finding a supervisor so you can begin your clinical career. We have a quick and simple way for you to get linked up with the right clinical supervisor for you. Check out our Supervisor page to find talented and experienced supervisors for your license near you.

For Clinical Supervisors

We know you have invested a lot of time into your skills and talents and are excited to share with new clinicians starting their career, which is why we created a page just for you. Now there is a page where all interns can go to learn about your skills, your availability and your supervision theories. This affords better collaboration, easier accessibility for potential intern collaborations and eliminates the need to post your info in multiple social media.

Office Share

We wanted to meet as many Counselor needs as possible in one place, so we added the office rental page. We noticed many counselors want to rent a fully furnished office for a few hours or a few days a week and didn’t know where to start. Well, here you go! Share away! Post your office space you want to rent out when you are not using it and Counselor-jobs.com will help you find an officemate to share with. Again, our goal has always been about collaborating and supporting counselors.

Building a happier workplace, one job at a time